Ordered from grocery store. Went well. Good shopper.  Asked her about tip.  I had read, but wanted to make sure.  They deduct any tips from person’s pay.  So they are cheated. This is just wrong.  I usually try to tip in cash just in case, but am dead broke at the mo as far as cash on hand is concerned.  This just infuriates me.  Not my lack of cash, but the way greed has destroyed this country.  There is no integrity, everything is about how much profit can I get here? I know someone who works in a nursing home, and she said they had three people to care for 24 clients, and then they decided they could get by with two.  Two people to care for 24 elderly Alzheimer’s patients who need assistance with everything.  I am disgusted with us, dear USofA.  We suck.

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