Is March

2a (17)

Yay.  Still mad at Mother Nature for the pretty much snowless February.  Really, Mother N?

Finally made it to the clinic and got a prescription nasal spray which actually seems to be helping my head.  Hooray.

Had to call Verizon yet again only to find out the order for the new modem was never even written on my file.  So shipping it now, I hope.  Of course they wanted to charge me more for this and that, and I said no way, Verisonhay.  It’s probably not correct to use Jose there now, so very cleverly did not.  🙂

I have spent literally hours on the phone with verizon reps, who are all super nice and helpful, but verizon sucks big time.  They want to charge for every single little thing, they don’t seem to know what they are doing, they do things without asking or telling you.  I have regretted combining my two bills from the get-go, when they cancelled my phone number without asking or telling.  And then wanted me to pay to have it fixed. Like you already don’t get enough of my money?  Really?

So spring is sprunging, and next week is the extremely hated turn your clock forward crap for no good reason that I can see except to make life harder for us.  It barely saves any energy, and the toll it takes on people’s health has to cost more than any savings realized.  Can’t they just say, never mind, leave your clock alone.  No.  My state, Mass, actually was considering changing to Atlantic time. WFT??? is what I say.  WTF???, Massachusetts.  Just don’t change the clocks and be done with it.  Autumn is doable, but the spring change causes all sorts of issues for most people.  People have more heart attacks right after, too.  Someday, we and our flawed to the max government will go the way of the Roman Empire, and I hope the future generations have better luck than we have had.  But people do not seem to learn and grow, in spite of how it looks.  So wherever we go, there we are, thank you Jon Kabat-Zinn. Okay. Done Jean is done.

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