I think I am going there.  I seem to need more and more sleep recently.  Days are a lot shorter, and not as bright in general as they had been.  It’s 2:30 and the trees across the street are already mostly in the shadow of my building.  I like winter, but I also like light.  I have my own sun in the form of full spectrum over-head bulbs in my living/dining room, and usually turn them on when I get up, but even then, it’s not enough.  S0 hibernation it is.  Fun times.

See this phone?  It’s in a bowl for a reason.  The reason is right next to it.

Miss G, G2, Gertrude is……OMG what a handful.  She is so cute, but my word, there is not a second while she is awake that I do not have to be on the alert. She is into everything.  Soon she will be big enough to reach things on the wall that are just tantalizations right now, and I’ve really already had to take some things down.  Nothing is safe from her.  I am trying hard to NOT be one of those ‘yell at the cat’ people, but sometimes, I just have to put her in the bathroom so I can have a break.  She is exhausting, and for someone who already has a notable lack energy thanks to fibro/chronic fatigue, I don’t need more exhausting things in my life.  But she really is so cute and cuddly, she’s hard to resist.  Back to the vet Wednesday for her final shots and to discuss spaying.  Supposed to be better for them, but I kind of hate to do it.  Not only because how on earth will I manage her when she’s in a big collar?  More fun ahead.

Been trying not to get too overwrought about all the crap that’s going on in my country, and the world, for that matter.  Avoiding as much as I can, because I have no power over anything or anybody, and getting myself upset is counter-productive.  I need all my energy for other things, like the kitty.  🙂   I just hope enough people get out and vote whenever and wherever there are are elections, and get them out of office.  Please.

Tired Jean is tired.  Later.

4 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. I voted and here in KY we have a new Governor. And it is true, it isn’t easy being Green or a small blue dot in a sea of red. And you are correct … nothing is safe from the cat. You will also learn as she gets larger that nothing is up high enough to be unassessable and their jumping abilities are astounding. Thanks for sharing. g

    • Hi. Thanks for following my blog. The scary thing is knowing your neighbors could be some of those fanatic MAGA people. Once found out a neighbor several houses down from us (not where I live now) had an arsenal hidden in their house. My kids played down there. Shivers.
      The cat. I have never had a kitten before. Nobody warned me. You are so right about the heighth thing. She actually tries to climb up the wall, in spots where there is nothing on the wall she could be climbing for, but she can get pretty high up, and the jumping! Sheesh! I keep putting things in the closet or somewhere because she can just get to everything. When she figures out how to open doors, and I’m sure she will, I am sunk. 🙂 Off to check out your blog.

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