Life Is So Depressing

My town has a webpage where anybody can post interesting things. There was a story about a young boy being bullied for wearing nail polish, and some of the comments were just appalling. There are other things as well. In the general media, there are comments that just make me cringe. Some of these people may be my neighbors, people I come into contact with, live near my loved ones in other states, be my doctors, the checker in the grocery store. That so many people seem to be for the ‘values’ that this administration are pushing, it makes me ill, and frustrated, and frightened for anyone who is vulnerable. You’ve seen the news lately. You’ve seen what’s going on in my country. I am so ashamed of my fellow citizens who are doing these things, and so frightened for every one else. I truly have no idea how to change anything. I voted. Not everyone does, though. What else is there? I am ill and pretty much house-bound so signing petitions is about it. Frustration reigns. Here’s something from Mary Englebreit’s Instagram. I really think America is dead, and has been replaced by some horror show country:

4 thoughts on “Life Is So Depressing

  1. But then there’s this: . Don’t be too downhearted. You’re doing what you can. There are lots of decent people, we just notice the nasty ones more because they’re noisy. The tide’s turning here in Australia and the conservatives are starting to get voted out, because people can now see that they’re not for the ordinary person, just for themselves. Let’s hope Americans see it, too.

  2. Hadn’t seen the part about Gronk. Makes me feel better. Most New England sports figures are great role models. Makes me proud to be a fan. Thanks for sharing that. I try not to let things get to me too much, but it was just one lousy comment after another on a variety of things. I avoid Twitter as much as possible, because it’s just filled with bad news and creepy comments. So glad I don’t have network or cable tv. I really would have to retire to my bed forever.
    What you said about the nasty ones being noisy. This is a big problem, because it’s the nasty ones who vote. Why decent people just sit back and do nothing is beyond me.
    On the bright side, I have started physical therapy. Yay. LOL

  3. Yeah, there’s that Neighborhood site (I think that’s the name) and I thought of signing up to see what goes on around us, but I’ve read nasty reviews of it, how there’s a lot of racist bs on it, so nope. And yes, the fact that people like that are around us all the time is disheartening.

  4. Ours is a Facebook page, and it’s moderated. It’s kind of nice, actually. Some guy posts a lot of really old pictures of the town, and another guy takes photos of town now and posts them. You can ask for recs for plumbers or whatever. All sorts of things. I like it.

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