5 thoughts on “AND

  1. That must’ve been so scary, I hope it doesn’t happen very often (makes me appreciate the incredibly boring place where I live). Now you just need a cape and a super-smushy sidekick cat to be heroic with xxx

    • I’m not sure how either of those would help. LOL One tornado did touch down in Lincoln. If you remember, we used to go to Lincoln Woods when we lived here before, so it’s not that far away. I think due to the non-existent climate change (little snark there) we can expect more sever weather as time goes on. I can cope with blizzards, but tornadoes are just plain scary. We had one in western Mass (I think) a few years ago where a woman was killed. Before recent times, the only tornado I knew of in New England was the Worcester one in 1953, which I rad about somewhere. It was considered an anomaly. Not anymore. Still wouldn’t trade New England for anywhere else. Was out yesterday, and it was just beautiful, with colorful trees everywhere you looked.

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