Another Nor’easter

I love New England. Started out just a rainy day, but snowing like crazy now. So far no big wind, but that might come later. Winter has moved to March.

Saw doctor today. Boy, they do not do physicals like they used to. Did not even need to take off any clothes. Ins won’t pay for anything more than cursory exam unless you already have an illness you are being treated for. I have said they want us all to die off so they can keep everything that exists for themselves. Rich old white men. NOT a good thing.

Talked mostly. About meds and things. She wanted me to try gabapentin for the fibro, and get a pneumonia shot. Had to get the shot at the drugstore, because ins pays for it there, but not if you get it at the doctor’s office. America. You might want to stay away, because we have gone completely bonkers here. Greed does that to you, it seems.

So at the drugstore, got the shot while discussing gabapentin with pharmacist. Opted not to take it, because the side-effects are ridiculous. May or may not get any, some, all if them, but I’m the ‘one in a million’ who got hallucinations from Tramadol, so I am cautious. Pharmacist kind of agreed with my choice, because I live alone, and double-vision, loss of coordination, tremors, among other things are just no. And if you get any of them, they do not go away as long as you are taking the med. Always ask the pharmacist. It’s their business to know these things.

Oh, and there are other meds, but ins won’t pay for them until you’ve tried the gabapentin and it didn’t work.

So still with the pain, fatigue, and insomnia. But at least I’m used to that. Trying melatonin. We’ll see how that goes. Fun times, people. Fun times.

2 thoughts on “Another Nor’easter

  1. Yeah, I didn’t even think of that. I took melatonin 3mg last night, and it worked, but I still woke up about ten times because something hurt. Tonight I’m taking Aleve as well as the melatonin. If these work, I won’t need the side-effect ridden other meds. I love meds that make this thing better, but make everything else worse and add new problems. Maybe we need shamans back instead. 🙂

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