We had the most glorious Nor’Easter yesterday.  I can say it was glorious, because I live on the second floor in a brick building with foot-thick walls, in an area which has, to my knowledge anyway, never flooded.  Many were not as fortunate, however.  My friend Tess, who lives maybe a mile from me, lost power for 9 1/2 hours.  Got pretty chill in her house, she says.  Am adding some  links to view.  My new homemaker slogged his way through to get to me and did the laundry across the street AND went to the grocery store.  He did say his car was buffeted severely as he was driving.  I’ve driven in storms like that.  Fun times.  The wind blew the rain so hard, it came in in puddles between one window and the ledge it sits on.  Needs a bit of caulking, I think.  When the wind is right, it slams into my north-facing windows.  Later, after dark, the wind changed and it snowed some, blowing the opposite direction from the earlier rain.  I love weather.  It wound down around 8pm, but didn’t stop until sometime in the night. The wind is still on, but not as fierce, and we have some sun here and there.  I was thinking, OMG if this was snow, and there’s an article on that subject as well.  We have had blizzards since I’ve lived here, but they kind of stopped several years ago.  The climate really is changing, people.  I can see it from my windows.

Here’s a picture from a Globe video.

Screenshot 2018-03-03 16.02.16

The wave is going over the top of the house.  You can see it in the video.  Neat.

Here’s a picture of my downtown taken by Bob McKeon, as was the one I posted in August 2017. He posts a lot of his pictures and town memorabilia on the ‘You Know You’re From North, If…’ facebook page.  Check it out.  Small town New England.

Downtown NA 22818

The links I promised: (Edit:  I must be tired than I thought, cause I messed up the links.  Sorry.  The live blog is better with the sound off.  Trust me.)

If It Was Snow?

Live Blog of Storm


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