A Learning Day

Turns out my homemaker is a Muslim, so today we had a very interesting talk about religion and me being atheist and all.  He is very knowledgeable for someone so young, although maybe all Muslims are.  He is the first I have interacted with that I am aware of, and definitely the first I have discussed religion with.  Learned some things, one of which is how alike all major religions are.  How ironic is it that we all share the same basic beliefs, and yet use any small differences as excuses to hate and even murder each other.  You just can’t seem to get past the basic flaw in humanity, which is hate, kill, look down upon any and every one who is not exactly like yourself.  Sad.  If there is a god, and he did create us, either he made a huge error somewhere along the process, or if he made us like himself, he is a very flawed character.  I am happier being atheist.

I did feel it necessary to question one thing.  The Koran seems to condemn homosexuality, like the Bible does.  So if, as he says, the Koran is the last written of the four major books of religion, and the most unchanged and perfect, is it implying that, if god made each of us, that in the case of homosexuals, he made a mistake?  God was wrong?  How can that be if god is omnipotent and perfect and does not make mistakes?  Seems a bit of a contradiction there, at least to me.  He didn’t really have a good rebuttal for that, and I think it made him uncomfortable, which was not my intent, but if I have a question, I’m going to ask it, cause I have no tact, as my friend Beth delights in reminding me frequently.  No tact and no filters.  Religion puzzles me, because it does seem that it used for hate more than for good, in spite of what the religious people would have you believe.  I am proud to be atheist.  I do my best to do the right thing and treat people with kindness and compassion, because it is the right thing to do, not because some religion tells me I should.  If I only do right because I’m afraid of retribution, then I am not really a good person.

Lots to think about.  I do love a good discussion, and very few people seem open to discussing things without getting angry or resentful.  Discussions are not arguments, they are exchanges of views, sometimes heated exchanges, but not angry or malicious exchanges.  We don’t talk enough, we don’t hear other people’s views enough, without our defenses going up.  There’s nothing to defend against.  Your point of view is yours, mine is mine, and I learn from hearing yours, as I would hope you learn from hearing mine.  Doesn’t mean minds are changed, or attempts made to change them.  Okay.  Done.



5 thoughts on “A Learning Day

  1. Perhaps he thinks that homosexuality is a choice? That’s the only way it could be a religious sin. Otherwise, as you say, a god made the person like that so the rest of us who are religious should accept it. I find atheism makes more sense. I prefer science – if there’s enough evidence to the contrary, well then, you chuck out that particular idea. Done.

  2. It’s what he is taught. He said it is mentioned in the Koran as not a good thing. We talked about how these books were written by men, he says the Koran was revealed, not made up by men, and is the only book that has not been changed. The Bible has been changed, mistranslated, had parts cut out, etc., over time. I’m betting the same is for any of the other books, but what do I know. We also talked about how they were written when knowledge about how the world works, biology, etc., was very limited, and we know more and different now, but these books have not kept up. Science is inaccurate, and every bit of new knowledge changes what we thought was true, but that’s how it works. That’s learning from our mistakes and growing and It mostly makes sense, and does not require believing and worshiping some ‘being’ up there who has total control over our every action. I’d rather believe the laws of nature control me, than some arbitrary being. The Old Testament god was vicious, vindictive, petty, self-important. Not looking up to him. It seems to me that all the religions are in reality a means of controlling people. We talked about how an atheist will do the right thing because it is the right thing, not because they fear retribution. It’s like a kid. I’ll behave when you see me, because I don’t want to be punished, but on my own, I will be a little turd. Yeah, I’m rambling. Oh, well. 🙂 Brief aside: I keep typing ‘antheist’. Is that a religious scholar in the ant world?

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