Pain (2)I have been having it for  while, with the occasional feeling somewhat better.  I have figured out that if I take two Aleve around 11pm, I can wake up relatively pain-free and be somewhat functional for the first  part of the day.  Unfortunately, you cannot take Aleve at will, because it will eat holes in your stomach.  Every thing is a trade-off when you are ill. 🙂

Anyway, I made scrambled eggs the other day, and I thought I would run through it for those of you who have never been in constant pain.  Imagine you are sitting on the sofa and realize, ‘Oh, some scrambled eggs would go down a treat right about now.  Now imagine every one of the following steps involves energy you don’t have and causes you pain.  Every movement causes you pain.

First, you get up.  Ow ow ow.  Take a breather.  (this repeats after every step.)  Walk to the kitchen.   Open the place you keep the skillet.  Reach in.  Pick up the skillet.  Pull skillet out of it’s spot.  Lift/move skillet to stove.  Turn on stove.  Walk to frig.  Open frig.  Remove eggs and butter.  Close frig.  Walk to stove.  Open butter, open drawer, reach in, pick up and remove knife, close drawer.  Cut butter.  Move butter you have cut to pan.  Open egg carton. Remove eggs.  Close carton.  Carry carton to frig, open frig, place carton inside, close frig.  Walk back to stove.  Pick up egg, break egg into pan, carry shells to sink or trash, back to stove, repeat with second egg.  Reach for spatula, pick up spatula, move spatula to pan, stir eggs.  Reach to burner knobs, turn off burner, Oh, you forgot a plate.  Walk to cupboard, open cupboard, reach in, pick up plate, remove plate, close cupboard, walk back to stove. Put plate down, pick up pan, slide eggs onto plate, replace pan or walk to sink and put pan in sink, walk back to stove, open drawer, reach in, remove fork, close drawer, pick up plate and carry it and fork to wherever you are going to sit to eat your eggs.  Eat eggs, get up, walk to sink, put plate and fork in sink, walk back to your seat.  Sit.  Spend a good amount of time recovering from all that effort.  Remember, every single move took energy you don’t have, and caused it’s own pain.  Every. Single. Move.

This is life with fibromyalgia, and many other chronic pain illnesses as well.  Just so you know.  When you think of people with invisible illnesses as ‘lazy’ ‘goldbrickers’ ‘good-for-nothings’, remember this.  When you tell them to ‘just get over it’, ‘you just need to push yourself’ ‘get outside and Do something’, remember this.  It’s easier to disparage people with these illnesses than it is to accept that they are real illnesses and could possibly happen to you, because YOU are not lazy, or goldbricking, or a good-for-nothing.  Neither were we.  Remember.

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