43: who was the last person you gazed at the stars with?


My late ex-husband.  We had a small backyard telescope, and star charts and you name it.  We’d go out and just look at the sky.  Comets, too.  That was so exciting.  Look away a few seconds, look back, and yes, it has moved.  How cool. Of course, the mosquitoes just added to the fun.  Yep.

Still feeling crap.  See the rheumatologist in a couple of weeks, so hopefully he’ll have some suggestions.  Riiiiight!  LOL

Time to go lie down.  Still have the last ep of Dalziel and Pascoe to watch, so may do that. Poor Pascoe.  He cannot catch a break.  Have to admit, my fav character is Weildy.   And he’s gay, and they mention it just in passing here and there, without any kind of negativity.  This is late 90’s, early 2000’s.  Good for them.  Listening to AWOL Nation Radio on Pandora right now.  Good get-up-and-move music if only I had the energy.  My energy is telling me, “Go lie down before you fall over, you idiot”, and I always listen to my energy if possible.  Later, dear readers.  OCTOBER!

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