to give homemaking aide another chance.  I like him, the cat likes him, and he is doing a really good job after I show him how to do things.  Once I’ve shown him everything, maybe it will go well.  Right now I am already exhausted.  LOL  He is a really nice kid, and I was feeling really bad about possibly getting him fired, so I opted to try some more.  I am having a relatively good day, but I am going to need a long lie-down after he leaves.

exhausted baby

4 thoughts on “Decided

    • I’m glad I kept him, even though it is exhausting having him here. Today I needed to clean my fans, and could not unscrew them. Not only did he unscrew one (the other is sitting with 3-in-one oil on the screws), he cleaned it til it looks like new. Seriously. I told him I am keeping him, and he gave me a big smile. I am understanding him much better, too. Hooray! Also, go to the doctor, for pete’s sake.

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