36: which band’s sound would fit your mood right now?

Abney Park.  I need some upbeat, cause I’m a bit down at losing Marie.  A bit anxious about adjusting to yet another new person.  A bit sick and tired of being sick and tired, tired, tired.  I need some energy.  I am eating the protein, taking the b-complex, the magnesium, drinking more water.  Nothing helps.  I am just so very tired.  Not sleepy, but exhausted, like there is no energy in my body at all.  Bah!  Also, humbug!

It’s another a/c day.  Yay.

Has anyone seen Granite Falls?  I just binged watched all three seasons this week, and loved it.  And it’s filmed in Utah.  Looks a lot like Colorado, where it’s set.    There is one ep, ‘Also Be the Consolation’ where you can see the trees in autumn.  You know, the ones where the leaves turn yellow, then brown, then fall off.  Colorado is nothing like New England as far as color goes.  It’s a really good show, very surprising, with twists and turns that just keep coming.  You think it’s about kids, and it is, but so much more as well.  Another thing, why is it set in Colorado, but filmed in Utah?  Why was Longmire set in Wyoming, but filmed in New Mexico.  Why don’t they film where they are pretending to be.  Cheaper elsewhere?  IDEK  Pictures from show:

Screenshot 2017-09-26 13.57.38Screenshot 2017-09-26 13.57.48Screenshot 2017-09-26 14.03.14


I also recently binge watched Bordertown, a Finnish series which was also pretty good, if gory. Scandinavian shows I’ve seen all seem to be pretty dark, and I don’t mean the lighting. I am now binging The Truth Seekers, which is made in Singapore.  Their tv, based on this, is very different.  It seems overacted, silly, and everything is explained in detail, as if all the viewers are idiots.  Why am I watching it?  Not sure, really.  🙂 Every foreign-made show also has some English in it.  In this last one, a guy is talking and the middle of the sentence is in English, for no reason I can see.  Weird.  Seems like most countries speak English as a second language, unlike us in the US, who are lucky we speak our own language fluently.  We are missing out in the education department, people.

I need to go lie down for a bit.  Later, gaters.

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