35: do you like stationary and pretty pens and so on? do you use them often?

Yes, and no.  I am an email aficionado.  I prefer it over any other means of communication.  I have time to correct mistakes, change my mind, say something better, etc.  It’s kind of like blogging in that respect.  🙂  I do have a couple of pages of a pretty stationary I bought way back when I was a teenager in Denver.  I think it is Crane, and I just fell in love with it.  There’s a bookstore in Exeter, NH I used to frequent, and they had a small room just for stationary.  I have enough note cards, etc. to last me for the next century, mainly because I never ever use them.  🙂 Here’s a couple I found online, meant to be printed out and used.

I had some unhappy news today.  My lovely Marie, my homemaker, is leaving.  My homemakers are like my friends, because they are basically the only person I can be guaranteed to see regularly.  Someone to talk to.  But it’s part of being ill.  People come and go, and it’s wise not to get too attached to any one person.  An interesting result of her leaving, though, is my next person is going to be a male.  A young man looking to work, they said.  Hey, I’m willing to give it a try.  Does he know how to do housework, laundry, etc?  I’ve had some female homemakers who seemed not to have a clue, so it’s not a matter of gender.  Not sure how I’m going to feel about a guy doing my laundry and cleaning my bathroom.  But you can adapt to anything, so why not?  It was hard enough to get used to a complete stranger coming in and doing these things, so that stranger being male shouldn’t be that different an adjustment.  I hope.  And maybe he’ll be fun.  Fun is good.  Marie is fun, Traci was fun.  I’ve had some who were definitely NOT fun.  Added bonus, he will come at 1:15 or so.  This people coming in the morning thing is really hard.  See previous posts where my natural body clock wants me to get up at noon to see why.  Every other Thursday Marie comes at 10 am. TEN. A. M.  Nooooooo.  the rest of the days are 11 or 11:30, which is better but still not ideal.  My brain needs lots of time to kick in after I wake up.  Lots of time.  Unless I wake up naturally, when my body tells me to. Then my brain works from the get go.  I even remember my name most days.  Yay, me.  (kidding)

I went out yesterday.  On my own.  I am so proud of me.  I went across to the new 7-eleven, and instantly realized why they are doing very little business.  They do not sell beer or wine.  Amazing the difference in the amount of business they do versus Tedeschi’s, which did sell both.  So I bought a chocolate milk.  Which I have yet to drink.  Then I went across the street to the Middle Eastern restaurant and picked up my phoned-in order.  Kibbee.  I love kibbee.  That’s not how I would spell it, but it’s the way they spell in on the menu.  Anyway, it was agony, walking, even though I took my cane.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted from dealing with the pain.  My friend Tess came over, and she tried the food.  She is a ‘no pepper, no spice’ kind of New England eater.  When we first moved here, we used to comment on how they seemed to only eat white food in New England.  It’s gotten better over time.  So kibbeh, fatoush (not as good as mine, for sure), and some weird dessert thing I tried cause I’d never heard of it.  Knefe.  Like a white bread bun with sesame seeds baked in, with a filling of a weird cheese, and a slightly sweet unrecognizable something.  Good warm, but cold later was ick.  Everything was good, if not great.  The kibbee needed more of whatever weird seasoning they make it with.  Used to go to a sort of middle eastern deli in Salem, NH, and they had the best kibbeh ever.  And the stuffed grape leaves.  Going to try that next, and the falafel.  I love falafel, too.  I used to have a Lebanese friend, which is how I got into the food.  So pain and exhaustion and fun with friend and relatively good food.  Yay, me.  🙂

And it’s a beautiful day.  Yesterday was air-conditioning day, but today is just lovely.  This is down the street from me, in the park. That orange streak caught my eye.

2017-09-15 11.27.18b


7 thoughts on “35: do you like stationary and pretty pens and so on? do you use them often?

  1. I love paper, but I don’t write many letters anymore. Lazy. Plus, emails are faster, but some people don’t do email, like a couple of elderly relatives. I end up calling them every so often, even though they live overseas. It’s nice to speak to someone and hear their voice.

    • Agreed, but I am one of those who always talks myself out of calling someone. Oh, they’re busy, they don’t want to talk to me, they’re probably not home anyway, etc. I am an idiot, or an introvert. 🙂

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