Two things.

I looked and looked for this picture for question 26, about shoes, but could I find it? Ha!

Second thing. There’s a site recommend me a book that posts a clip from a different book each day. Here’s a quote from today’s:

‘And a hundred grand would barely last them the year, here in California.’

A woman and her son. So never moving to Florida, and now California is off the list of possibilities? What the heck is their cost of living? I thought Massachusetts was expensive, but I could live a good long time on a hundred grand.  Although maybe this is similar to a book I read a while back.  The ‘don’t actually know what I’m writing about’ syndrome.  Author kept referring to Cape Cod as a ‘small town’.   I’m sorry.  Have you even been to New England, let alone Massachusetts or the actual Cape called Cod. I literally could not finish the book because it annoyed me so much.  Yes, I’m weird.  Get used to it.  LOL

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