33: what’s your fave pastry?

Cheese Danish, and not that pretend crap that they sell nowadays. cheese danish

Here is my new cat, Luna. That’s her shelter name, and even though I don’t love it, do you think I could come up with anything else. No. Got her Saturday. She attacked me twice, once Saturday, and once again Sunday, where I barely missed losing an eye. ‘Doesn’t like to be picked up’, they said. Doesn’t like to be touched anywhere that is not her head, is more like it, and she will kill you if you do. Or give it a really good try. She’s not very sociable/friendly, although she was all over my friend Tess when we brought her back to mine. See picture below. We thought maybe she smells dog on Tess, and cat on me, and she really does not like other cats. I decided to give her some time, but I am definitely not sure about keeping her. I wanted a companion animal, not a vicious little gray bundle. She is cute, though. So she’s my new cat at least temporarily. There was another one I would have taken, but she has an inguinal hernia, and if it needs to be fixed, I cannot afford that, so better not to take her in the first place. Shelter person said it cost 4,000 dollars over all to fix a broken leg on one of the animals. Sheesh!

Oh, the first picture is not Luna. It is my spider plant baby, which is going bananas.2017-09-07 12.06.34

Tess and Luna2017-09-09 13.55.53-3

She jumped on my lap, then sat on the laptop. Changed the tab I was on, closed out Firefox, then shut down the laptop. How? No idea, she was just getting comfortable. 🙂 2017-09-11 15.21.11

Co-opted my desk chair.2017-09-11 15.27.17 (2)

Exploring. She checked out every inch of my house when she first got here. Sniffed and sat on everything possible. 2017-09-12 11.54.07

2 thoughts on “33: what’s your fave pastry?

  1. She definitely is cute! When we first got Cuddles, he wouldn’t be picked up, didn’t like being patted and was just terrified of everything. It took him a while to settle, but he became the smoochiest, most confident cat who would greet every stranger. Once your place smells like her and not any other cat, she might be quite different. Looks like she likes company!

    • She is coming along quite nicely. Let’s me pet her and pick her up under the arms with only hissing, not murdering, not as afraid of the vac as the first time, and she scratched me yesterday when I touched her back foot by mistake, but that’s the extent of the attacking. So progress. Vet tomorrow, and depending on what he says, I am pretty sure she’s a keeper.

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