28: sunrise or sunset?

Really?  Both, although I’m more likely to be awake for the latter rather than the former, unless I’ve been up all night.  Which happens a lot more than I’d like.  Not my picture here, it’s sunrise at Nauset Beach, Orleans, Mass.

sunrise at nauset beach

I love, love, love living in Massachusetts, and especially in my own little town.  Where I’m meant to be.  We are a good state, very progressive in spite of  sometime having idiot Republican governors, and it’s a great little town to live in.  Very user friendly, if that makes any sense.  Oh, maybe I’ll stick on a picture.

my townPhoto by Bob McKeon

Here’s one from maybe the 1940’s?  I’m lucky to have found that my town has it’s own Facebook page, where people post a lot of old photos.  Memories.  I lived here when I came to New England, for about seven years.  Where I’m meant to be. Then we moved to NH for work and lived there for twenty some years, then I got to come home again.  You can see where I live in this old picture.  Down the street from the school, all the way on the corner on the right.

NA 1940's maybe

I am angry at life today. Relatively pain-free, which leaves room for actual life stuff.  Angry Jean is angry.  Not going into details, just angry and frustrated and hopeless.  I’ll get over it.  I always do.  Not that anyone cares anyway.

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