27: what’s your favorite bubblegum flavor?

I don’t chew come.  My doctor asked me if I did, I said no, she said, “Well, don’t start.” Okay, doc.  🙂  When I did, back when I was a kid, this is the gum I loved.  I can still taste it and feel that powdery texture when you first put it into your mouth.  Ah, the good old days.  Who can blow the biggest bubble?  Me, me, me.  LOL  Gum is terrible today, anyway.  It’s like it’s made out of flavored plastic or something.  Ewwww.


A miracle has happened.  I swear.  Saw the rheumatologist Tuesday, as I mentioned, and he gave me a cortisone shot in my really painful shoulder.  Didn’t sleep well Tuesday night, which is never good for pain and in spite of taking the trazadone.  But woke up at 7am  (SEVEN. A. M.)  Relatively pain free.  Everywhere, not just the shoulder.  My lower back always hurts because of a bulging disc, and the torn rotator cuff shoulder was just a bit achy.  Went out for lunch with a friend, even kept up with her walking, which I am normally very slow due to ow, ow, ow everywhere.  Slept last night in spite of NOT taking trazadone, woke up virtually pain free and no stiffness and feeling well-rested.  As I said to my friend Tess, there are three possibilities.  1. I got the really good cortisone  2. There was something going on that the current antibiotic is fixing  or 3. Miracles Are Back.  Whichever it is, I plan to just revel in it for however long it lasts, even if it’s just today.  I have not felt this much like a real person since maybe four years, when I had the prednisone withdrawal thing.

To top it off, the humidity has taken a hike and it is an unbelievably gorgeous day.  Yesterday was great, today is spectacular.  Wednesday was like stepping into a sauna as soon as you went outside.  So finally, something good.  Hooray. All my blood tests came back great as well.


The thing with Trazadone is it works.  A very small dose, but I get to sleep and sleep well.  The problem is that after three days or so, my brain gets really fuzzy, my coordination goes to hell, walking into things, dropping things, etc., and I have to not take it for a day or so which means not sleeping.  Fun. And then there’s the ‘everything work for a while if it works at all, and then it stops  working and never works again’ thing. Chronic illness if fun, folks.  Really.  Nope.  But if you check out the first sentence of this post, which I am not correcting for the example, this is what trazadone does.  A completely different word than I meant to type, although this one does sound the same as gum.  And yes, I get the double entendre there.  If that’s the word I want.  Made me laugh, anyway, when I proof-read.  Drugs are weird, people.  Really, really weird.

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