23: what’s your favorite thing to do on lazy days where you have 0 obligations?


This is kind of a n/a question, virtually all my days have zero obligations, unless I have an doctor’s appointment. Yes, it’s true. I have no life. Here by myself about 99% of the time, and now I don’t even have Gertrude for company. I really miss Gertrude. I keep looking at the shelter page, but I am reluctant. Not sure why. I am plugging along, trying to push myself to do things in spite of pain and exhaustion. I just made hot dogs. Yay. LOL

In the Window

So 7-11 bought Tedeschi’s (all 180 of them) and that’s who’s going in across the street. They started out cutting the hedges, then brought in the containers, then a dumpster and a huge and I do mean huge semi. It’s probably three times as long as that red dumpster you see. They been two days now unloading things and the semi is gone and boxes everywhere and the dumpster (tip, I think) has been dumped at least once. A lot of work in a short time. Men lugging heavy things around all day. Hope they get paid well. They’re just getting started here:


I always think it’s a bad choice to let companies gobble each other up. It eliminates competition and they then can charge higher prices and use more shopper-unfriendly tactics to maximize profits. I blame Reagan and deregulation. Look what Amazon is doing. I used to like Amazon, but they seem to be trying to take over every kind of market. This is not good for me and you, people who need to buy things to survive.

There is so much unbelievable crap going on today, and it just all seems to get a pass. Someday, people are going to wake up to what’s been happening, but it will be too little, too late. When your freedom is gone, and big corps control every aspect of your life, well… I’ll probably be dead by then, but if not, you will not get an iota of sympathy from me for your wilful disregard of what’s right for everyone, not just for you personally. And even then, it isn’t going to be right for you, either. Where’s my teeny little violin?

8 thoughts on “23: what’s your favorite thing to do on lazy days where you have 0 obligations?

  1. Sounds like there’s a lot happening just outside. Here we do have companies gobbled up on one hand, but also lots of smaller outfits popping up, plus farmers’ markets etc. I have this online job, so I always feel like I should be doing that when there’s nothing else on. I’d like to ditch it because it’s so boring but I need the money for now. Another kitty would love it at your place. Much nicer than the shelter!

  2. They are very quiet across the street. I have windows open, too. This is their third day of working from 7am to 7pm or so.
    i know about the kitty. I am getting there, but my friend who drives me places is in the midst of a family crises and will be leaving for Florida in a day or two because of it. So no way to get to the shelter even if I had made a final decision. Oh, well. Florida in August. As if a family crises weren’t bad enough all ready.
    I am stuck while she’s otherwise engaged. I’m not sure we even have a taxi service anymore, and the bus doesn’t seem to go where I need to go. Life in a relatively small town, although I would not change it. I love this town. It’s the one place I’ve always felt at home.

  3. Our grocery store chain was just bought by, I think, Publix. Hate the changes. Meat has gone through the roof, ugly stickers all over the place showing discounts…totally tacky.

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