20: what’s your favorite eye color?

All of them. Don’t really have a favorite.

This is something I recommend you watch if you want to better understand Trump supporters. It makes perfect sense, I think. It’s only a couple of minutes long, but you have to listen carefully as the sound is not great. But please, check it out.
You know what, if you can’t be bothered, here’s a brief synpopsis: Two women,two babies, one dies. The dead one’s mother tries to steal the live baby. They go to the king to resolve the dispute. He offers to cut the baby in half so each can have a share. The real mother tells him to give the baby to the other woman, because she’d rather he live, even if not with her. The other mother says to cut him up, because if she can’t have the live baby, then no one should. (This is a story from the bible, I’m sure you’ve figured out.) So Trump supporters think the country they knew and loved is the dead baby, and they would rather have it destroyed that let it survive without all the things they loved about it. Like racism, and discrimination, and homophobia, etc. They want their country back, or no one should have it. Sort of like that. A ruined country is better than a new and different country that they no longer feel a part of. It’s hard to change the mindset that I am inherently better than you because I am straight and more importantly, white. D.L.Hughley says it better, so please watch. From about 1:50 on is the key part.
angry supporters

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