17: what color do you really want to dye your hair?


Truthfully,  I have no desire to dye my hair any color.  It is what it is, color-wise.

Finally have windows open since last night.  Livable summer is back!

Am going to try to recreate a soup I used to make and lost the recipe years ago.  Tuna soup.  Forget the original name, but it was tomato juice (I used V8), oregano, diced potatoes, and a can of tuna.  That’s all I can remember.  May need to add some water if juice is too much.  It was really good, in spite of how weird it sounds.

Referencing illness, the prospect of peeling and cubing two potatoes and opening a few cans should not seem like a monumental task.  If I was normal.  Since I’m ill, it seems like a monumental task.  Life with chronic illness is a constant battle.  Sometimes I win.

8 thoughts on “17: what color do you really want to dye your hair?

  1. It’d be nice if it started to grow back brown, like it used to be. The soup sounds like one my husband used to make before we met. He swears it was delicious. Maybe he was actually right?

  2. I don’t know if I remember that. I do remember the mashed potatoes with tuna and mushroom soup, though. Sometimes I make it, but with cream of chicken instead.

    I’ll never dye my hair, either. Too much of a pain, plus everyone keeps telling me how nice mine looks. 🙂

        • If it happened, I have deleted it from my memory. We used to have bangers and mash on Sunday when we watched All Creatures Great and Small. Were they all mixed together, the mashers, the tuna, and the soup? I cannot believe I ever cooked anything that sounds so ewwww.

          • I love bangers and mash to this day. 🙂

            No, it was a mound of mashers, with the tuna/pea/soup mix on top. Seriously, it was good.

            Whaddya mean? We ate TOFU. EWWWWW. 😉

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