9: do you like singing/humming to yourself?

singing to myself

I do.  I used to whistle a lot, too.  Didn’t realize it until a neighbor said she always knew it was me walking by because she would hear me whistling.  I love music, and love singing along, but I don’t do it as much now because when I was intubated for knee surgery, they kind of messed up my vocal chords and my voice gets really raspy really fast.  Oh, well.

I am missing Gertrude a lot.  Really a lot.  Am considering going to the pound and seeing if any cat there and I just hit it off, like Simon and I did.  I still have everything, didn’t take anything to the shelter to donate yet, so it wouldn’t be a big stretch.  I’m not loving being the only living thing in my apartment, aside from the plants, which are not really great company, even though they add a lot of ambience.  I have wanted a dog for years and years, but not sure I could always walk it, so it’s a no.  Besides, and have I said this before?, cats are BENDY.  I like bendy.  LOL  Saw a clip of a comedian talking about how he dropped his dog, and you can’t drop dogs.  They’re like old people and you have to be careful with them.  But, heck, you can bowl a cat.  I can’t find the clip.  I can’t find the clip.  Drat!

5 thoughts on “9: do you like singing/humming to yourself?

  1. Why not another cat? There are so many unwanted kitties who would love to live with you, I’m sure. I only sing in the car and for my toddler grandson. He loves it. He’s always humming to himself, like a little soundtrack of happy when he’s playing, it’s very cute.

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