It was my birthday Thursday.  I did not spend it alone, I had a fill-in homemaker who was very nice and we had a lovely chat about our beautiful little town, and her son, and my illness (she asked), and it was fun.  The day before was the real celebration day.  My friend Tess brought me a two-serving cake from the grocers, as she does every year and we share it, some gorgeous yellow tulips

tulips (2)

some styluses for my new Fire HD tablet, which I love, btw, and a card.  I had the knee doctor with x-rays since it’s been a year since surgery.  It is doing fab.  Great doctor.  Then we went to lunch at the Irish Pub up the street.  I had a six dollar Guinness draft which was soooo good.  Six dollars for a beer seems a bit steep, but I don’t buy beer out very often, so who knows.  Then we went to the ‘we sell everything cheap’ store where I found two yellow t-shirts in the right fabric.  It’s hard to find a t-shirt that is soft and nice, and these are.  5 dollars each, too.  Yay.  It was a really good day.  We always have fun and laugh a lot, Tess and I.  Her husband thinks we’re batty.  Maybe we are.

Last night she called me and I started scrolling through the Country Living page on the laptop, and we got hysterical laughing over some of the things on it.  Beautiful houses and grounds on there.  One advertised it had interior doors, which seriously cracked us up.  We imagined how to get from room to room with no doors.  Windows. Out one, in another, was our best guess.  ‘Dear, could you open the window for me?  I need to get to the kitchen to start dinner.’  Interior doors.  I think they mean actual doors, not doorways, but it was really funny at the time.  ‘Yes, we have interior doors’ is just hysterical.  Really.  LOL

Today I was tired and not as well as the past few days, but I cooked something, so that was a plus.  My cooking has changed drastically.  I made this cornbread thing.  I once would have measured everything out and done it right.  Today I used Jiffy cornbread mix, slugged in a bit of oil, the egg, and was meant to use an 8 oz can of crushed pineapple, some chopped ham, and a drained can of whole corn.  Only had creamed corn and was going to use it, but was concerned the batter wouldn’t fit into the pan which had to fit in the toaster oven since my stove oven is kaput.  So no corn, chopped up some leftover proscuitto I bought since I’d never had it and what a disappointment that was.  And the pineapple.  Drained it, the liquid was a bit more than required but dumped it in anyway, and started to scoop out something like less than half the pineapple, since it was a 20 ox can (they never have 8 oz cans anymore) and said to hell with it and dumped it all in.  Yes.  This is how I cook.  Just get it over with because if I have to stand here one more minute I am going to collapse from pain.  Turned out really good.  Not everything does.  Amazing how you can just kind of fudge things and still get something relatively edible, though.

So it was a pretty good birthday and couple of days surrounding it.  I am happy.  Oh, and my fill-in homemaker made my day.  I mentioned it, and my age, and she had thought I was around her age, which is in mid 50’s.  I turned 73 on Thursday.  Woo Hoo.  LOL

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