Poor Gertrude

2013-12-12 00.12.54 (2)

Got shut in the bedroom.  First time this has ever happened, but I think my homemaker left the door open while she was vacuuming, and Gertrude saw her chance and took  it.  Maye she’ll think twice next time.  Or not.  LOL Homemaker leaves at one.  I  just realized she was in there right before 9pm.  I kept hearing scratching, and put it down to several things over the past few hours, but I was about to answer an email when I heard it again.  Turned to see if she was scratching on the door to get into the bedroom, which she does a lot and I had checked several times already.  Suddenly it dawned on me.  She is IN the bedroom.  Poor baby.  I think she slept most of the afternoon, which she does a lot, and it’s only been the past few hours I’ve been hearing the noise.

4 thoughts on “Poor Gertrude

    • Not a peep. Just the scratching. She didn’t have any accidents that I could find, either. I keep the door closed as much as possible in winter, because it’s much colder in the whole apartment with it open. The trouble with having it open the rest of the year is that she seems to spend most of her time hidden in there. Stupid cat. 🙂

    • Cats are just weird. I always wanted a dog, but cats are so bendy,, they’re a lot easier to lug around and lay over your shoulder, as if Gertrude would ever let me do either of those. Although she has lost so much weight since she was ill that I can scoop her up with even my right hand, which is the side with the torn rotator cuff. She is eating pretty well now, and I’m waiting to see some weight gain. Poor baby. Dog motion-sickness pills were the cure. Did I mention cats are weird?

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