Not taking the meloxicam has helped my breathing and my stomach is not rock hard, but….pain. Had the MRI yesterday, was a general all-over pain day, but doable. Then today I am just a mass of pain. Everything that can hurt, does hurt, it seems. Fun times. Seeing rheumatologist tomorrow, hoping they have something else that will work. If the idiots in the government would realize that the War on Drugs mostly hurts people who are in pain, maybe there would be something I could take that worked without killing me as a side-effect. But no. Puritanic ‘punish the victim’ attitudes always seem to win out. A bit peeved today. Pain tends to do that.

It got cold. It was 15 degrees F around midnight last night. Been cold for several days, and it was only bit ago I had the windows open all night. I love New England. Really, I do. Variety is what makes life interesting, I think.

Got my itty-bitty Christmas tree up Friday, so yeah. Some years I don’t even have enough whatever I need to get it out of the closet.  It’s on the dining table.

Just so you know, I suck at cinematography.  Besides, I was in pain and lying on the couch with the cat, who was NOT helping. The colors never seem to show up well, but it’s my phone, so maybe I expect too much. Can you imagine?  You can take videos with your phone. Your phone.  Technology is amazing.  I think you have to double-click on it to make it run.  Oops, no single click works.  My brain is drain when I am in pain.  Oh, I made a rhyme.  Not going well here, people.  Not going well at all.  LOL

4 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Just call it “Christmas tree in an earthquake” and you’re good! Funny how cats always want to sit on you in the most awkward way when you’re trying to do something. I still have to get my tree up. A bit bigger, but then I’ve got the space. Last year I bought solar-powered lights for it, they’re actually outdoor ones, but the lounge is nice and sunny so they work quite well in there. No need for all those awkward power cords and it just turns itself on when it gets dark. Love it! Wouldn’t work too well where you are though, I suspect.

    Have you ever tried cannabis oil? It’s meant to be very good for pain. Not sure whether it’s entirely legal where you are…

    • LOL Works for me. We have had small earthquakes here in the past, so why not?

      Solar-powered lights are a great idea if you live somewhere that actually has sunshine in the winter. We have a lot of gray here.

      Just discussing the fact that marijuana is now legal in Mass. Need to talk to my doctor about it. I may just give her a call tomorrow. Maybe. If I’m functional tomorrow.

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