The Friday Five

importD31) What was your first day of school like?    Exciting.  Scared when I got there, wanted my mom to stay with me.  Then I noticed a child-sized playhouse, went inside, totally forgot about my mom, and that was that.  I loved school, except for naptime.  I was never a sleep-during-the-day person until I got this stupid illness.
2) What was the last day you attended school like?   I don’t actually remember.  I remember graduation, but not the day at school.
3) Have you had a teacher who really influenced you?  Several.  Mrs. Alt, my fifth grade teacher, D.K.Smith in high school, and another in high school whose name I forget who took a sabbatical to teach in Africa.  These three especially inspired you to want to learn and read and learn some more  Great teachers.  I was lucky.
4) What was the first school you attended?   Fountain School, in Pueblo, Colorado
5) To you, is college important?  Maybe in landing a job, but as far as learning, I think you can learn as much or more by being widely read and never losing your curiosity or your thirst for knowledge.  You’re never too old to learn new things.tumblr_ohgfxazlaj1sg22dvo1_540

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