An Excellent Post

from a blog I read.  The comments are great, too, with both sides expressing their opinions.  It’s kind of a long read, but well-presented, and expresses a lot of the feelings I cannot express without anger.  I should be so reasonable.  Anyway, I hope you check it out.  It’s worth the read.

Thoughts on the election

This is my friend’s dog, because we need all the cute we can get nowdays.


2 thoughts on “An Excellent Post

  1. Sounds like there are a lot of sad and confused Americans. The only good thing I can think of is that this might spur more people into becoming politically active and taking local action on things like climate change, because now they know they won’t get anything from the government.

    I fear his supporters will be damned disappointed when he fails miserably to bring back the jobs or make America great again. What does that even mean? Great at what?

    • I don’t think people really realized what they were letting us all in for. They let anger and feeling ignored by the establishment rule their choices, and I fear have made a fatal one for my country. The man knows absolutely nothing about running a country. He can’t even run a business successfully, and has gone bankrupt several times. I read that he expected all the people working for Obama would still be there to work for him, so had not gotten his own people together. This is going to be a disaster, and we are all going to suffer for it. Just have to get through it, though, like the rest of the bad stuff that happens in life. I read this the other day: ‘Of all the bad stuff you’ve been through in your life, you have a 100% survival rate.’ Never thought of it like that. I’ve survived everything that’s happened to me. Where’s my medal? The best part of the whole debacle are the Obama/Biden memes. Usually Joe is proposing something, like putting in some boobytraps from the ‘Home Alone’ movie, and Obama just going, ‘Joe. No.’ They are hilarious, and a very much needed bright spot. I’ve been a fan of Joe Biden for a long time, and of course I am an Obama supporter, so seeing them being silly and being true friends is such a great thing. I don’t remember any Presidential team getting on as well. Usually, the VP is pretty much invisible. Not in this case. I am going to miss this administration so much, and the whole Obama family, too

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