Another Reason

not to shop at Walmart:

Controlling Workers

Had a great conversation with my new homemaker yesterday.  I think I am going to get on just fine with her.  Someone whose visits I can look forward to.  Great to have someone to talk to.  I’ve realized I am really not good just being on my own.  I tend to shut down, and when there’s someone else here, it’s like a switch is flipped and I am a real person again.  Yes, I am weird and have issues.


It is a lovely rainy day.  Another reason to love Autumn.  Rainy days, fireplaces, cups of tea, lovely warm blankets, invisible cat comes out of hiding to curl up on blanket next to me.  It’s all good.  Also baking.  I used to bake a lot more, and at one point I made a loaf of bread every day.  There were four of us, so it went quickly.  I hardly ever bake, or cook, for that matter any more.

My new homemaker is also a certified and licensed personal trainer, and she recommended I try starting out very slowly with yoga to help with pain and maybe condition my muscles, which are practically non-existant after so many years of being inactive most of the time.  I know they say to exercise with fibro, but it only ever made me much worse and sometimes took weeks to recover from one mild session.  So I will give yoga a go.  Used to do yoga years ago, and took a class with a friend a few years back, so I’m pretty sure it’s something I can do and not suffer too much afterwards.

Rain on the windows:

2 thoughts on “Another Reason

  1. I was just thinking about your bread, and going through your recipes. I miss the smell. Must buy yeast. 🙂

    I’m very glad that you like the new person!!!

  2. Baking your own bread is so satisfying. The kneading alone is very meditative and calming. There are a bazillion bread recipes, too, and you can play with them to suit yourself so long as you stick to the basic formula. The more you bake, the easier it gets, and the more experimental you can be. Have fun.

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