Another Gorgeous Autumn Day


Autumn, and particularly October, best time of the year.  Windows open, nice breezes, fresh air, it’s all good. That’s not my picture, btw.  Found it I forget where.  Sorry.

Turns out I am going to get a new disposal after all.  Yay maintenance guy, who seems to be able to convince owner to do the right thing in spite of himself.  🙂  I like the maintenance guy.

Had a pretty good day, in spite of not sleeping well.  They are working on the intersection again, all night long.  No idea what they are doing this time.  It was funny last time, because after nights and nights of digging and heavy equipment noises and bright flashing lights, I missed it when they were done.  So it’s not so bad this time.  Just had to close one window and face away from the wall the lights were flashing on.  Homemaker came, place always looks much better after.  Got the wet paper towels and stuff that I drained overnight in the tub out of here.  Just keeping cupboard doors open to let it dry out in there.  Think I will wait awhile before putting things back, just to dry it out even more.  Trying to not get toxic mold, if it’s not already growing in there.  The bottom board really needs to be replaced, but seriously, that is just not going to happen unless I do it myself or pay to have it done, or call the board of health and then endure Landlord Reprisals, 53 episodes and counting, with my luck.

Finished watching The Small Animal Hospital with John Barrowman last night.  He is just so full of happiness and joy and uninhibited love of life.  Makes me happy just to see him.  He has enthusiasm.  I have enthusiasm when I’m not feeling total crap.  People don’t always understand enthusiasm, and tend to think you’re either crazy, or just a pain in the butt.  Do I look like I care?  I do not. Enthusiasm is what makes life worth living.  Finding joy in the littlest things.  Me and The Barrowman.  We have something in common.  LOL Seriously, how can you not love that face? The horse was standing on his foot at the time.


Just past 5, and the trees have lost the sun for today.  Dark is getting earlier and earlier.  All that ‘days are drawing in’ as they say in books.  Probably said before, it just makes me think ‘fireplace, hot tea, blankets, cozy and warm, snuggling up on the couch with the cat, and reading, reading, reading’.  All happy-making things that come with the changing of the seasons.  It’s lovely, isn’t it?  Course I do the reading every day regardless of the season, but still.


1 thought on “Another Gorgeous Autumn Day

  1. Lucky it was only a little horse! Raining here and not very spring like. Garden’s a sloppy muddy disaster with lots of weeds. One day it will be sunny and I’ll be enthusiastic and have time all at the same time!

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