I Just Cannot Catch A Break


After being up for three whole hours, I needed to lie down and fell asleep for another three hours.  So now, I’m having a bit of energy and think I will cook something.  Yay, me.  Realize stove is kind of messy from yesterday, which I totally did not even notice before now.  Go under sink to find spray cleaner.  Under sink is very organized, everything in containers, etc., so I had not noticed (again with the not noticing) until I was moving something that every container is full of water, and the bottom of the cupboard is awash.  Haul everything out, try to wash some things off that aren’t ruined, throw in 7 bazillion paper towels to soak up water in bottom, give up on the whole cooking/eating idea, because who needs food anyway?  Right?  Any energy I may have had for food prep has gone right down the drain with the water from the containers. Items are spread out all over the teeny tiny kitchen floor.  It has to be that when the mainenance guy replaced the spray attachment, he did it wrong. Light bulbs are okay, stuff in their own bottles are okay, replacement sponges I may run through the dishwasher.  Fortunately there was nothing powdered, like DW detergent.  I buy those little packety things now.  Easier.  Easier rules my life.  So tomorrow, get presentable, call maintenance, hope guy can come that day.  Nothing ever just works.  Have you noticed that?  Nothing is ever just easy?  Oh, well.  It’s a gorgeous if too warm day.  Still hoping for rain.  Going to go bang my head against the wall now. Later. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Update.  Lo and behold, I was not done in by plans going awry.  I cooked/am cooking after all.  Frying up some bacon that’s been in the frig waiting, waiting, waiting, scooped out and heated up my baked potato from yesterday and baked an egg in it.  Yum.  And if the energy holds, I am going to bake a custard pie.  I know.  Premade crust, so not much work.  I have not made a custard pie in years and years.  It would be coconut custard pie if I had coconut, but since I don’t….   So all is not lost.  I really am better some days.  It always surprises me.  Put all the crap in the dishwasher, too, and am running it.  I am going to leave everything out from under the sink til it really dries out.  Think I will pour some white vinegar in there, too, to kill any mold, because you know there will be mold.   Fun times, people.  Fun times.

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