Just wow.

OR: Things I’ve Learned From Eighteen Years of Having A Chronic, Debilitating Illness

You cannot rely on the Medical Community.  You cannot rely on doctors.  Doctors only know what the drug reps tell them. Ask your pharmacist, instead.  It’s their business to KNOW about meds. 

>An Experiment

Doctors read studies and go from there, even when their own experience with patients tells them differently.  Just from my experience with Rheumatology and Prednisone, I can confidently say that the patient input is not needed, not wanted, not heard.  It’s my body, this is what happens when you insist I do that, but just go ahead and ignore me.  It’s fine. 


Also, I’m female, which makes the odds of being ignored jump exponentially.  Also choose a female practitoner, if possible.  This is just unconscionable.  How many people have suffered needlessly because of this one particular study?  You have to fight for yourself, and when the doctor is wrong or doesn’t listen, you need to be a pushy broad, because that’s the only thing that will give you a chance of being heard.

you will listen

Not any more, I won’t.

Here’s the article:

Bad Science and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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  1. You know, I learned that too. I ask the pharmacist. She even told me the dosage was prescribed incorrectly. Lucky me. I get my yearly shots at the pharmacy now too. Woman doctors, I have three, but my heart doctor is retiring and I only now have a choice of men.

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