How Do I Survive?

brokenThere is some bad stuff on Tumblr today. More black people being murdered by the police, more corporate wrong-doing going unpunished, a lot of really awful shit. How do I survive? It wears me down, all the unbelievably horrible stuff that is going on every day in my country. You know, the one I thought was completely different that it really is. How do you not get beaten down and just give up? How do you stop caring? I like Tumblr. I have a lot of fun and interesting reads on Tumblr. I learn a lot. I can’t just stick my head in the sand and pretend none of the bad stuff is happening. But how do I keep it from breaking me irrevocably? How?

3 thoughts on “How Do I Survive?

  1. I think some of my disappointment in blogging has been on what you have posted here. There really is too much injustice and sadness in the world, not to mention a build up of religious, political and racist unrest and tension. But one can’t put their head in the sand, one, because it will not subside and two, because it may be that one individual with that Dr. Martin Luther King moment that may make the difference.

  2. It’s true. You can’t deliberately keep yourself uninformed. It matters what goes on, and it matters that you try to do whatever you can to help, and it matters that you vote, and who you vote for. Sometimes, though, I’d just like to not know how horrible humanity really can be. Just sometimes.

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