Waiting For The Rain


that we’re supposed to get from Hermine.  Thought they mispelled Hermione at first, but no.  Who thinks up these names, anyway. Not my picture, found it somewhere.

Cutting back the Prednisone to 7 1/2 mgs today.  Was going to go 1 mg at a time, but realized I don’t have any one mgs to make 9 or 8 or 7 or 6, so bah!  Hoping it goes better that it usually does.  Seeing my primary care this week, and am going to discuss the whole pain med and for crying out loud, fix me, people, thing with her.  We’ll see how that goes.  LOL

Cooled right down once September hit.  Was in the 60’s night before last, and the 50’s last night.  Oh joy oh joy oh joy.  Not hot and sticky is always cause for celebration.

Here’s a vid I took on the 22nd, the post where I said it was breezy.  Forgot out it.  Breezy is good.

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