I am distressed, depressed, and just plain appalled at Britain. This insanity could happen here. It matters if you vote, and whether any of us like it or not, it matters that you vote for Hillary, because any other vote, or not voting at all, is just guaranteeing Trump getting in. Are we really so ignorant and xenophobic and homophobic and racist that we would choose a ignorant, narcissistic buffoon to lead our country? Unfortunately, I’m being to think we really, really are. OMG

If you’re not concerned about what is happening in the world today, well, you are going to richly deserve what happens while you stand by and do nothing.

I just am stunned.

2 thoughts on “OMG

  1. The British were never completely in the EU, they always kept their own currency. They are stupid to opt out, though. The shouters who persuaded them have not thought this through at all. They’ll be sorry.

  2. Many of them are probably already sorry, since it was announced yesterday, one day after the vote, that saying they’d be giving money to the NHS was a mistake. In other words, we lied to get your vote and now you’re screwed. I’ve read it’s not completely binding and there are attempts to get another vote or something. It’s just appalling that it means taking away rights that were there under the membership in the EU.

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