Things Change

Tumblr logoAs an example, I posted this on Tumblr first. What? What about this blog? Well, some of it references Tumblr, but also, I get more feedback on Tumblr, it seems, and I’ve learned to love feedback, although when I first started blogging, that wasn’t my main reason or goal. Here’s mine:


Some ramblings:

1. John Barrowman. Sometimes he seems so annoying and bizarre and yet, how can you not love and admire a man who is so mischievous, so cheerful, so kind, so caring, a man who makes you smile just to see his face on your screen. Honestly, he never fails to make me smile. Ever. When I first saw him on Doctor Who, I resented having an American on my fav Brit show (I’m an American), but by the time he got left on the space station, I was in love. Then there’s Janto, of course. Janto is my life, in so many ways.

2. It’s so great that instead of post after post of who this celebrity was with, or who they cheated on, or what drugs they were on when whatever happened, we are seeing so many celebrities use their position to support important causes, whether it’s save the rhino or the ice bucket challenge or whatever. This makes me happy, and gives me hope.

3. This quote is why I love the internet. I love that you can jump into a discussion with someone without first having to go through the whole judging on looks, accent, clothing, skin color, place of origin, etc. Nothing is complicated by those unconscious judgements we automatically make when we first meet someone.

“Nothing I do on Tumblr is complicated by gender bias, racial bias, anything like that,” she said.

From here:

4. Just discovered there is a thing called ‘dyscalculia’, which I seem to have. This, Asperger’s, OCD. I am a mental health banquet.

9 thoughts on “Things Change

  1. I started using it, thought it was stupid, quit for a couple of years I think, then checked it out again, and there I am. Your Tumblr experience is totally dependent on who you choose to follow. Some people on there are jerks, some spend all their time moaning about this or that, there is a lot of hate, but you just unfollow anyone you don’t want to see posts from, and you can refine it down to suit you over time. I have followers. Surprises and amazes me. It took some time to get any, and now I have quite a few. Some people have hundreds or thousands, but any at all are welcome. They send you an email when you get a new follower, and I always check out their blogs to see if I want to follow them back, but I don’t keep track of who or how many. I’ve not had any bad comments or hateful ones, so I guess I’m doing okay. LOL Oh, and you have to love scrolling, because Tumblr is all about the scrolling. Stupid system, but it is what it is.

    • I doubt it. I once took some kind of test at Northern Essex, and math was one of the components. I got the highest score. I count on my fingers, can’t do fractions, do any math in my head, and use a calculator for pretty much everything. I asked if they gave the score to the wrong person, but no. I think I suck at math, but the test showed otherwise. This has nothing to do with dyscalculia, does it? 🙂 It seems to me that I must have it, but???

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