Finally? Tonight’s the first night in a week there hasn’t been a frost warning. It’s still pretty cool, but leaves are popping out all over, and flowers, and spring. Had PT today. Ow! Muscles really tight above and below knee. Therapist massaged them which really, really hurt, then I did some stretches, which I am to do twice daily at home as well. Doing really well, it seems, so I am happy. I don’t get outside every single day. Been having insomnia again and only two percocets help with that, and when I run out? But being awake all night and sleeping a couple hours in the morning does not make for going-out mood. I’m usually draggy and in pain if I don’t sleep. Went to brunch after PT, then home for Traci who showed up just as I was getting my mail. Great timing. So it seems to be going fine, and I am pretty pleased. And spring. I like spring.

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