An Interesting (To Me, Anyway) Side Note

I couldn’t eat much for a few weeks after the surgery. Not hungry, got full fast. And I ate nothing made with flour, just because I was going for fruit and such. Then a week or so ago, I went shopping and got some crackers and bagel chips and even bread, and I’ve noticed that since I started eating these things, I am not feeling as well. More foggy and digestion not working as well, and less energy over all. Going to avoid the flour things again when these are gone, just to see how it goes. Experiments. It’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “An Interesting (To Me, Anyway) Side Note

  1. Fruit and veg have to be good! Bread doesn’t agree with me if I eat more than a little, but sourdough rye (proper overnight rise) is better than ‘normal’ bread. Most bread in the US was no good for me because it’s full of corn syrup and my tummy hates that. Experiments are a good thing!

    • I recently read somewhere that there’s a theory that sourdough bread. because it uses natural yeast that is slow-risen, can help avoid problems with gluten sensitivity. Something to do with fast-rising yeast. Interesting. And yes, most food here seems to be made with the ‘how cheap can I make this and have it still be edible’ premise , rather than ‘how good a product can I turn out?’ Unfortunately for my taste buds, I am old enough to remember when food was ‘real’. This means I refuse to eat a lot of things now.

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