freezingLess than a week ago, it was nearly 70 degrees out.  Today it is 25.  Twenty-five degrees.  Ice is out there.  It was just summery weather and now ice.  Freezing am I.  Weather is getting weirder and weirder.  At least we are not having tornadoes and floods and all, like some of the planet.  But is is cold.  You need to work up to cold.  This is like suddenly having a 25 degree day in the middle of summer.

smashed potatoesI’m watching Martha make smashed potatoes.  They look really good.  Think she’ll come and cook some for me?  No, I didn’t either.  How cool would it be for someone like me, who has difficulty with cooking and managing food, to have someone who cooked for you.  You have to be rich for that, and I am definitely not rich.

I have to wait til next week to make sure the cortisone shot did not work for my knee.  If not, MRI and referral.  Meanwhile, hobbling around when I am forced to, otherwise it’s me and the couch.  Boring.  I try to keep my spirits up, but sometimes it is difficult.  I always say I was born with the ‘happy’ gene, and it’s a good thing, because otherwise, I would be in the depths of despair a lot of the time.  Fortunately, I think a lot of things are funny, and that helps.  Laughing is good.

2 thoughts on “COLD

  1. I bet the cat loves you being on the couch. Frustrating for you, though. I’ve just been reading something called The Marshall Project – they have some really interesting, quite long articles. Good chance to read in depth stuff. The weather does sound freezing, though, must admit those sudden temperature changes get to you. We had 36C on Boxing day and 19C the next day. That 36C sure hit hard. So hot! We went to my brother and sis in laws in the afternoon, they were down in their basement where it was nice and cool and sensibly had mostly cold food. Then for an evening swim at the beach, the water here’s pretty cold, so it was refreshing. It was nice to have a cooler rainy day the next day, that’s for sure!

  2. Okay, 60’s to 90’s (Fahrenheit) as opposed to way below freezing to balmy (20’s to 70). Not feeling bad for you, except it’s hot. I don’t like hot. 90 degrees is unpleasant, to say the least. I’d rather have the cold any day. You must use a lot of air-conditioning where you are. Oh, yeah, freezing is 32 in Fahrenheit, just in case you didn’t know. 🙂

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