may be happening. weather2
I love that dip. It makes me think of Idaho, for some reason. Red is temp. Green is dew point.

Went to Longhorn Steak House yesterday with my daughter. I love Longhorn. Or I did. The menu has completely changed, and everything is so pricey. Fourteen dollars for a burger and fries. Fancy fries, granted, but still fries. And the burger was not half as good as Papa Gino’s Mushroom Swiss Burger, which is half the price, but with no fries. Who needs fries? Anyway, DD and I each had an appetizer, three drinks between us (I had a beer), my burger, her something on rice dish, and it was 75 dollars. 90 dollars with tip. I had a burger and fries. Sheesh! Won’t be going back there anytime soon.

Have to wait til after the first to see if cortisone shot really doesn’t help, if not, MRI then possible referral to surgeon. Torn cartilage hurts, if that’s what it is. If that’s not what it is, something else hurts. Really a lot. Fun times, people. Fun times. Hobbling around R Us.

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