I think they may have finally done themselves in as far as I am concerned. New update yesterday, laptop has slowed to ‘molasses in January’ velocity. Switched to Chrome and zip-a-dee-doo-dah, so to speak. My extensions. My closing the last open tab without closing the browser. Not existant on Chrome, but not waiting one minute for an email to load, assuming gmail actually loaded in the first place…

The more they mess with Firefox, the worse it gets. Are they TRYING to drive users away?

My Traci (my homemaker) gave me presents today, since she won’t be back til next week. Only she would give me the things she does, because she gets that I am crazy, and they delight me.

A bottle of wine in a santa bag, complete with hat. Sorry, took the bottle out, so no photo. Will put it back when it’s empty, and take a picture then, cause it’s really cute.

The light makes him swing.2015-12-21 20.39.20


A bag of sweeties. Yes, I’ve been reading too much Torchwood fanfiction. Or Doctor Who. Sweeties is a very English thing, I think.2015-12-21 20.50.11

For Gertrude. A laser pointer, too, but not taking a photo of that. LOL2015-12-21 20.48.55

My knee is a bit better. I am resting it as much as possible, and very, very careful and slow when I move, and it’s even better with ibuprofen. I hope it heals on it’s own, but Prednisone can inhibit healing, it seems, and I need the Prednisone to not be miserable all the time. Oh, well.

It’s almost Christmas. I will be here alone with Gertrude and no Christmas tree or dinner or presents, and yet I am still excited. 🙂

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