The Knee

funny-pictures-cat-borked-himselfGot in to see rheumatologist’s assistant today. Seems I may have torn my meniscus. Hopefully it will heal on its own. Got a cortisone shot, ultrasound, and x-rays. Was really painful to start out today, and by the time I was getting the x-rays done, I was standing there thinking ‘I’m not going to be able to walk out of here I am in so much pain. They’re going to have to give me some serious pain meds or a wheelchair or something.’ On a scale of 1 to 10, it was 25. I thought I might pass out. OMG did it hurt, then all of a sudden it got better. Fast acting cortisone, I guess. Still hurt a lot, but I could walk and made it to the car and then into the house.

My friend Tess, who drove me there, suggested stopping off for Chinese take-out on the way home, so ready-made dinner. She helped me get set up on the couch before she left. She is a very, very good friend. Always willing to help. Now I am just icing the knee 20 minutes out of every hour or so. I am so over pain. SO over pain. Hoping to better by tomorrow, so I can actual function more than hobbling to the freezer or the bathroom as necessary.

This morning, there was a spider in the bathroom, and I was concerned it could get on Gertrude and bite her, so scooped it up to flush it. I hate killing things, and even flushing is uncomfortable, but self-defense, right? Instead, spider fell into the bucket I keep the toilet brush, etc. in, so tossed all that into the tub so I could dump spider into toilet. Then I dropped some coins out of my pocket. For both things, I decided to wait for my homemaker to come and get the stuff out of the tub and pick up the coins, because pain. She laughed when I told her.

So here I am, still alone, still in pain, but getting by okay tonight. Whew!

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