We used to get quite a bit of fog here, then not, now it’s back. I love fog. Can’t see the trees or buildings behind Tedeschi’s at all. Neat. They show up more in the photo than can be seen with the naked eye. Naked eyes. For shame. LOL Yes, I am loopy today. What else is new? I seem to have snow falling on my blog, too. Not sure why, but it’s cool. I love snow.

I am stalling from calling to cancel the surgeon appointment, cause I don’t want them to try to talk me into having it. Cause I’m not. Having it.

FOG:2015-12-02 14.21.02

More FOG:2015-12-02 14.52.36

NO FOG:2015-11-28 11.31.53

I love New England.

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