Issues I Am Having

My kid would rather eat alone in a restaurant on Thanksgiving than spend time with me.

I am over pain. Why is pain not over me?

Why has building maintenance gone to pot recently, and why oh why is the elevator broken again? It was broken for at least three months just this past spring.

Discussing my health with someone (Yes, it’s a fascinating topic. Or not.) I think what’s been wrong with me all these years is not fibromyalgia, but Prednisone withdrawal. When I first became ill, in 1997, they immediately put me on high doses of Prednisone. When it turned out I did not have whatever they thought, I had to get off it. Took six months. Meanwhile, I lost my strength, my energy, and by a year later, my short-term memory was in pretty bad shape. When I got pleurisy a couple years ago, back on Prednisone, and immediately (within a week) was fine if you take into account that my body has gone to pot after eighteen years of pain and fatigue and miserableness. Now, when I try to cut down the Prednisone, I am right back to pain, fatigue, miserableness. So maybe my body never restarted whatever function the Prednisone was standing in for while I was on it, and I need Prednisone to be functional. Thinky thoughts by someone who is so very, very tired of being ill. Up wherever

5 thoughts on “Issues I Am Having

  1. Damn… hope you feel better. Hope they work out some better way of getting people off that stuff!
    We don’t have Thanksgiving, just Christmas. Sad that you spent it on your own… Christmas for us is complicated, as usual, what with 5 adult kids between us, 3 of his and 2 of mine. Plus my parents. One year I had everyone for xmas eve, but now they all have partners and I’ve decided it’s just too much. Christmas eve is the traditional German time to celebrate, so my kids + partners + my parents will be here for that. The next day Richard will go to his ex’s where he’ll celebrate with his kids, I’ll be home and vegetate with my daughter & her partner (his parents are overseas) and my parents. Boxing Day his kids and whoever else wants to will come here for a BBQ – pity you don’t live closer, or you could come and have a lamb chop or sausage or chicken skewer with us! Plus whatever else is required for the kids’ ever changing diet fads (vegan one week, paleo the next, haha!).

  2. I’ve spent all holidays alone for the past several years. I’m used to it. It’s just kind of hard to come to terms with the fact that your child would rather eat alone in a restaurant than spend time with you. I don’t know why it bothers me this year more than normal. Maybe because she will never say why she never comes to see me anymore. Kids. Oh, well. 🙂

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