Papa Gino’s

I know I’ve given it raves here. But they dropped the Caprese Salad a while back, and day before yesterday I ordered the Fenway Pasta from my favorites page. Apparently they’ve dropped it, too, but it didn’t tell me that when I ordered on-line. So what I got was penne with marinara, which is the base, topped with a slew of really well-done sliced onions and green peppers, and…a hamburger patty. No delicious sliced Italian Sausage, no cheese…a hamburger patty. Seriously, Papa? You dropped two out of my three favorite things that you carry, the third being the mushroom swiss burger, which when ordered well-done, is fantastic. But you subbed an hb patty for Italian Sausage? What were you thinking? I am very, very disappointed with you, Papa Gino’s. I can’t even find a picture of it.disappointed

5 thoughts on “Papa Gino’s

  1. Hamburger patty? Bloody cheapskates. I hate it when places present you with a ‘new improved’ whatever, when we all know it’s just a cheaper, inferior version of something that was good to start with.

    • I think since they stopped carrying the Fenway Pasta, instead of telling me, they tried to cobble together a sub. But seriously, it’s an Italian Fast Food Restaurant, they don’t have Italian Sausage around? Yes, they do. So why not put some on the thing instead of an hb patty? Sometimes, my mind just gets boggled by stupid people. There are a lot of them around, too.

  2. PS went to my favourite coffee shop in town the other day. I hadn’t been for a while and they’ve changed everything around, but they still have my favourite choc-almond treat. Tiny little chocolate with sliced almond. Yum. It’s one of the few places that has small treats instead of giant yucky ‘cookies’. Bigger ain’t better.

    • Those giant cookies usually do not resemble actual food, either, in my experience. My friend Tess and I went to a local grocery store’s open house last week. They advertised all sorts of free samples and neat things. HA!. We got a half inch cube of Havarti (I like Havarti, so that was okay) and a quarter of a giant cookie that was actual gummy. A gummy cookie. It was very sweet and had colored sprinkles, so kids would love it, but it was gummy. Ewwwwww. Is there no real food left in the United States? Not unless you make it yourself from scratch, and that is just not going to happen, except very rarely when I am having an amazingly good day and body and brain are both semi-working. As I said, very rarely. 🙂

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