Saw the rheumatologist yesterday. Started shots to build bones. Reluctantly, but I was really tired and not up for resisting. Third day in a row with an appointment and other things going on. I never do anything three days in a row except veg. Ever. Exhaustion. I just lay on the couch, too tired to hold my kindle and read, even. Not sleepy, just worn out. Anyway, during the discussion, we talked about how much better I am after the knee shots (which were suggested and given by his PA, not by him), and much less pain, and he said something to the effect that they were working ‘for now’. He said something else equally as negatively foreshadowing, and I couldn’t help but think that the last thing you want from your doctor is a downer attitude. Hi, doctor. That cast you put on helped heal my broken leg a treat. “For now.” The eye doctor, on the other hand, tells you the risks of whatever, but in a reasonable, rational way that doesn’t make you feel like the hand of doom is just getting ready to drop on your little head. I like the eye doctor and the rheumy’s PA much better than the rheumatologist himself.

My risk of breaking a bone is 20% over the next ten years. Not horrible, I said. I could get hit by a truck in the next ten years, too. We could get hit by a meteor in the next ten years. There are a lot of risks in life. You can’t protect yourself against all of them. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live it and enjoy it everyday anyway. Like the new WHO ‘everything everywhere causes cancer’ announcement. Sheesh! Sunshine causes cancer. No matter what you do, you are not going to live forever. Sorry, that’s just the facts. Anyway, he goes on to explain how only 1 in 100,000 or whatever has side-effects from the shots. I reminded him that he said that about Tramadol, and how I was that one that had the hallucinations and other side-effects. I think I am now on some sort of Doctor’s Black List. blacklist

Yes, I have been reading the blogs today. WHO, rheumy, ‘healthy’ candy (seriously?), ‘guilt-free’ whatever. If it makes you feel guilty, don’t eat it. Or don’t eat five pounds of it. Duh! If I’m going to eat something that’s processed or calorific or loaded with sugar, I’m going to enjoy every bite and then not eat it again for some time. I’m not going to feel guilty. I used to know someone who was always saying, ‘Bad(her name)’ every time she ate something she felt she should not have eaten. Excuse me? Okay, done ranting for today, people. 🙂Helmet

HMO says fine

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