Eye Surgery

So yesterday I had the cataract surgery. Was there about two hours, but the actual surgery took less than ten minutes. They give you lovely warm blankets before and after, and afterwards they gave me really good toast and really good coffee. Surprise! Good coffee in a hospital. I really like our local hospital. I’ve been there a few times, usually for mammograms or such, and once all day when I had pleurisy and it took them all day to rule out everything else, and once overnight when something was off but it turned out there was nothing wrong at all, relief, relief. This was my first-ever surgery.

Amazing how sharp my vision is out of that eye now. May have the other one done soon since it has a very small cataract, but I now see how not sharp and clear vision is out of it. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and no after problems. The only bad part was I had to be up at 6am to be there for 7am. Me and mornings…NO! 🙂 Of course, I had to be up at 7 today for an 8:15 follow-up appointment with the surgeon, and tomorrow I have the rheumatologist, but that’s in the afternoon. Hooray! That’s three days in a row doing stuff, which never happens. I am so much better than I was, or it would not be happening.

Next will be the colon surgery, and while I am hoping for a positive outcome, I am prepared if it’s not. I think, anyway. That’s going to be next month, I think.

It’s gotten cold, especially at night, but what would have been an okay but coolish temp in the summer, now needs a jacket. My apartment has really thick walls, too, (it’s an old brick building) and it warms and cools like the ocean. Way later than the ambient outside air temperature. I think ‘ambient’ is the word I want.

It’s autumn. I love autumn best of all the seasons we get here in Massachusetts. ‘Look at those gorgeous trees. Let’s shuffle through the fallen leaves. Smells so good.’, ‘I Hope It Snows. I Like Snow.’, ‘Mud Season-Self-explanatory’, ‘Oh Wow, Flowery Trees’, and ‘Hot and Sticky. Ew.’. Autumn is the best. Of course, in New Hampshire, there was also ‘Mayfly Season’ which was NOT fun.

This is the Mohawk Trail, in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Not my photo. Mohawk Trail

6 thoughts on “Eye Surgery

  1. Wow. That surgery is amazing! Great news. So is being able to do stuff several days in a row. getting up early is not my favourite either, but that has to be worth it. Good luck with the colon surgery.
    Mayflies. We had those in Germany, but only in some places. Yuck.

  2. I haven’t been keeping up with blogs lately, and had no idea about any of this. Email, Mom, email. Glad the surgery went well. My boss just had one eye done, too, and will get the second done soon.

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