2 thoughts on “Dear Domino’s

  1. In recent months, I’ve had their pizza, which used to be okay, but sucks now; their pasta, which compared to Papa Gino’s, or even boil stuff and jarred sauce blah pasta, was meh, at best; then a chicken parm sandwich. I’ve had chicken parm before, not sure what this was. Will learn how to make chocolate lava crunchy things myself, because I am over Domino’s. I used to order from there once a month or so. Not any more. There’s a pizza place right next door, which I will probably try now that I am more mobile again. I just have to have cash on hand, which is why I used domino’s and now papa gino’s. I can use my credit card if I am lacking in cash on hand. Papa Gino’s discontinued my favorite salad, too. The caprese one. Why does everyone hate me? Why?

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