Recovery Day

Had such a great day yesterday. Lunch (Mexican food, oh yeah!), went for a drive, sat on my friend’s back steps and played with her dog while her hubbies cleaned the yard. Bliss day for sure. Paying for it today, with lots of pain. Didn’t get to sleep til daylight, then up at 12:30. It was worth it. Saw daffodils, a stand of bamboo, grape hyacinths, crocus. It was a cloudless, blue sky day, just warm enough to be comfortable without a jacket. I’m happy. There’s green grass in this picture. Spring has sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the flowers is. They’re kind of right next to that white patch behind Misty. 🙂roflbot

2 thoughts on “Recovery Day

  1. Cute dog! Nothing like the simple pleasures of life, is there, especially sunshine in spring. I well remember that fro my childhood in Germany. Here in Tasmania the sun is nice even in winter and the garden still green. I love that… maybe I should do a blogpost walk through my garden sometime, or maybe that would be too boring…

    I had that injection and it made my neck worse. Now just hoping it will get back to how it was before. Finding it pretty hard even to drive and that’s with 2 different painkillers. Darn. Not too happy with that little experiment.

    • Oh, don’t you hate when the ‘cure’ is worse than whatever is wrong? Accupuncture? I would like pictures from your garden. I’d read that post. 🙂
      I like winter. I like snow and gray (within reason) and warm and cozy on the couch with the electric fireplace going and a lovely cup of tea. Don’t know how I’d do if the weather was more leveled out, so to speak. I like all the seasons except hot and sticky. I hate that one.

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