A Question

on Disqus: If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself? DO NOT GET MARRIED. You are way too young, you idiot. Of course, I would have missed out on two great kids, but still.

12969730It is a gorgeous day, the elevator is working as far as I know, and I am going OUT to lunch and maybe some shopping or something with my friend Tess. We are going to the Mexican restaurant up the road. I love Mexican food. NOT Taco Bell Mexican, real southwestern US Mexican food. Is that an oxymoron? Anyway, I am going out. I am excited. I’m not sure if it was two or three years ago when I was really ill for months, and since then, my going out times have been few and far between. Stir crazy? Cabin fever? Being alone most of the time can’t be good, right? It’s true, also, what they say about use it or lose it. Feeling miserable physically and spending a lot of time on the couch is not good for your muscles, people. I don’t know that I can ever get back what I’ve lost. I’m older than dirt, and the body can’t recover like it would if I were 20. Just have to deal, I guess. Story of my life.

Tess called to say they found Aaron Hernandez guilty. How could they not? Like the Boston Bomber. The guilt was pretty much evident. I guess he has another trial for a different murder coming up, too. Just because you play a major sport for a major team doesn’t mean you are a decent human being, apparently. Look at O J Simpson, who I got to see play at Foxboro Stadium way back in the dark ages, before it was Gillette Stadium. He turned out not to be a shining example of humanity, either. Kids need different role models than sports figures, I think. And people who actually do good work, like teachers and nurses and such, deserve to be paid like sports figures are. Well, that’s what I think, anyway. Agree? Disagree?

I’m going out. Woo Hoo.

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