It’s An Anniversary

My daughter tweeted that it’s eleven years today that her father died.  Since he had left me nearly nine years before, I didn’t really remember the exact date, I just remember how hard I cried when I heard.  Not that I expected us to ever get back together, but it was just so very final then.  Eleven years, and twenty come Father’s Day since he left me.  I remember he wanted me to tell our other daughter he was leaving, so when she came for the day, she thought she was in serious trouble, since neither of us said much.  Well I sure wasn’t going to do his dirty work for him, so he finally had to fess up to her.  Long time ago.  Didn’t expect that it would still hurt.  That’s life, as they say.

2 thoughts on “It’s An Anniversary

  1. Sad. Not surprised it still hurts – he was a part of your life and when you have kids together, the ex is still part of the family network. Even if we don’t see them, even if the kids don’t see them they’re still conspicuous by their absence. When people die there’s no chance anymore to change anything and that’s doubly sad…

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