Yes, It’s Spring, But

it’s still a wintry day.

In England, from here: A Wintry Day

In Massachusetts:2015-03-05 13.09.39

Oh, those poor butchered trees. Everytime I look out, I want to just cry. In about a month, they will be blooming and I will try to remember to post a current pic and one from a few years ago before the butchering. Never let your highway department use a chainsaw unsupervised by anyone with a brain, people.

I am again slightly better, and actually got a couple of very minor things done today. Yay, me.

2 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Spring, But

  1. Don’t be deceived by that English photo – there’s probably a howling gale! I’ve been colder in the UK without snow, because it was perpetually drizzling, than in Germany with snow and temperatures 10 degrees lower. That said, it does look like some serious snow in your photo. As for chainsaw gardeners, I’m not sure they have a brain!

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